We opened Molotov Gaming back in 2021 on Trackmania and Counter:Strike. Since then, we have grown and matured as an organisation over the years. 


 During that time, Molotov Gaming has developed a reputation for specializing in fostering talents and competing at the highest levels. Enabling us to establish ourselves as a benchmark for outstanding performances with lesser-known players.

Our philosophy resides on the future, reason why we consistently focus on younger players, helping them
grow and mature on their respective scenes, while performing at high levels.

Bringing the future closer to the present.


We believe that such a hard goal was achieavable with two important concepts, who are well integrated in Molotov Gaming: Hard Work and Passion.


However, we do not intend to stop there, as we have bigger plans both for the immediate and distant future.

Determined to venture into new horizons and progress both competitively and as an organization, Molotov Gaming enters a new era.





Pierre Longree



Marie Dörfler

Board Member


Jacob Macaree

Head of Content


Dominik Jaeger

Designer and Photograph


Agaton Månsson

Head of Counter-Strike


Stephen Cunningham

Head of Trackmania


We are eager to work with you...!


What are Molotov Gaming top priorities?

We always prioritize performance and competitions.
But we also ensure that everyone in the organization, including players and staff,
feels included and welcome, while having fun and being proud to represent us.
Additionally, we have consistently supported and advocated for minorities.
An example of this is that a part of our staff belongs to these communities.

Why should I support Molotov Gaming?


There are a multitude of reasons to support us:
We are close to our fans; we listen to them, we are passionate, we make sure to achieve good results, and we are hard workers.

But the only true reason for you to support us would be that you like what we do, what we aim for, and who we are.